With a previous design career in the fast and forward thinking world of high end luxury, Poppy was never tempted to follow the tried and tested traditions of Bridalwear. Instead, more focused on approaching it with originality and newness in mind, Poppy aimed to find her own unique take on wedding dress design. She creates a balance of contemporary, yet delicately beautiful bridal pieces, bridging the gap between bridal and fashion.

“What it means for a woman to become a bride is better explained as a symbolic and spiritual experience than that of tradition and unity by law. It’s that moment that you notice in the bride this magic glow and calm around her that creates an untangeable beauty, only visible to those there to witness it. It can be utterly spellbinding and not something easily captured in a photograph. She appears strong but delicate and has a stillness in her that acknowledges only the now, that day, devotion to celebrating her love, friendships, magic, hopes and dreams. She embodies the spirit of herself and becomes The Ethereal Bride.”