The Love Stories collection of luxury bridal wear is themed around the iconographies of love. Love hearts, arrows, curling roses, interlacing initials, butterflies and swallows have been delicately embroidered among the garments in the style Poppy refers to as, ‘pared back decadence’. It embraces a fun and flamboyant show of love yet approaches it in a feminine way, with subtle white on white texture and pattern. Using only the finest natural fabrics such as silk satin, matte crepe, silk organza, chiffon and tulle, each dress maintains a balance of timeless luxury.

The collection is particularly inspired by the traditions and history of India during the colonial era of the British Raj. Within the brand aesthetic there is always a sense of this spirit, combining India’s ethereal romance with a touch of British drama and eccentricity.

The silhouette throughout the designs focuses mainly on a contemporary take on separates, whereby tops are layered over dresses to create a look of free spirited sophistication. Intricate, sheer and veil inspired, these tops are embroidered with stories and patterns designed to create an impact when walking down the aisle. They can then later on be removed to reveal an elegant, relaxed, evening look for dinner and dancing, as well as being versatile enough to wear again long after the wedding.

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